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Serving the Aircraft GSE, MRO, and Aerospace maintenance industries by designing and manufacturing a wide range of high quality airframe and engine support tooling for all major aircraft repairs.



Airlines ~ 135-Air Taxi and Charter ~ Commercial/Freight ~ 121-Scheduled Air Carriers ~ Military ~ General Aviation


King Airline Tooling Co. exhibits over 40 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) as well as engine and airframe tooling. We have the ability to work closely with our clients to help design, engineer, and manufacture conventional and state of the art tooling and MRO equipment. All of our products are designed to meet even the most precise tooling requirements.


King Airline Tooling Company combines experience with the latest equipment to provide the best quality for you the customer.



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At King Airline Tooling Co., our products range from large jigs and fixtures, to engine stands, main and nose landing gear dollies, lifting beams and slings, to small maintenance tooling. In addition we manufacture Skydrol oil dispensers, air regulators and shop service equipment, as well as small engine tooling such as custom wrenches, thread protectors, rig pins, GO/NO GO guages and just about everything in between. All of our tooling is manufactured from the aircraft manufacturer's aperture cards, micro film, and blue prints to assure the exact interface with aircraft components. We also work closely with our clients to design, engineer, and manufacture custom tooling and GSE, to enable them to cut down on AOGs and valuable maintenance time. A representative sample of a cross section of our tooling can be viewed in the pictures below.


King Airline Tools

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathes and milling centers. CNC controlled lasers and water jet machines for accurately cutting blank materials utilized in our products. Shears and CNC controlled press brakes for accurate metal forming with unparalleled repeatability. Diverse and modern welding equipment necessary to join all metals utilized in our products (e.g. carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, inconel, titanium, and many other specialty metals that may be used in the manufacture of our products.  All of our welders meet the requirements of the AWS, ASME, EASA, NASA-SPEC-5004A.) Our main facility comprises a clean and modern 25,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing plant with assembly bays that are clean, heated, and under overhead cranes with up to 10 tons capacity for heavy assembly. Osha approved paint booth provides us the capability to safely apply the latest paints and finishes available. Experienced engineers, tradesman, and technicians with the knowledge to design, manufacture, assemble, and inspect our products.


    At King Airline Tooling Co. we have made the investment by aquiring all of the necessary machine tools, welding equipment, inspection equipment, and assembly areas, all within our new modern commercial buildings. Our dedication to cleanliness starts at initial component manufacturing, and proceeds thoughout the factory as it manifests itself in the products we manufacture.

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