Our history at King Airline Tooling Co. exhibits over 40 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) as well as engine and air frame tooling. We have the ability to work closely with our clients to help design, engineer, and manufacture conventional and state of the art tooling and MRO equipment. All of our products are designed to meet even the most precise tooling requirements.At King Airline Tooling Co. we have made the investment by acquiring all of the necessary machine tools, welding equipment, inspection equipment, and assembly areas, all within our new modern commercial buildings. Our dedication to cleanliness starts at initial component manufacturing, and proceeds throughout the factory as it manifests itself in the products we manufacture. We here at King Airline Tooling Co. have the most highly trained professionals in the business of designing, engineering and manufacturing the most high quality tooling and equipment.  Please review our website and look at our capabilities.


King Airline Tooling Company combines experience with the latest equipment to provide the best quality for you the customer.

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   King Airline Tooling are partners with several companies such as  Rolls Royce, Pratt   Whitney and General Electric.